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Replace old WinPopup or "net send" command with full-featured messaging
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RealPopup is a program that allows to send messages across any local area network.
The program can be run in English, Italian, German, French and Spanish.

When installed, the program places a small icon in the taskbar. You´ll have to double-click on it to access the program`s features.

If anybody becomes online, the program will pop-up a window, telling you the name of the user and the machine he/she is using.

You can send a message to anyone in the network that has the program installed (no need for an Internet connection). You can use the Network Browser to locate your target user, and then compose and send a message for him/her.

The receiver will see a pop-up balloon that will warn him/her that you sent a message. Double clicking on that balloon will open the program, displaying your message.

You can switch your environment to "Do Not Disturb", "I´m away" or "Force Wakeup".

You can set RealPopup to start on Windows Startup, or take control of Windows messages. You can also create different groups into the same network.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It´s a nice and easy to use utility that provides communication through a network, free and without needing an Internet connection


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